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Destress yourself!

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Destress yourself!  Empty Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 3rd October 2014, 7:19 am

10 Ways to De-Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

1. Grin and Bear It
Destress yourself!  Happy_woman

Smiling, even when you don't feel happy, can instantly lift your mood. Instead of frowning, clenching your jaw, or tensing up your forehead in reaction to a stressor, grin and feel your troubles melt away. Try it now!

2. Call a Friend
Destress yourself!  Phone_call

Sometimes, you just need to vent. Enlist the help of a good friend or close loved one when you need to de-stress. Often, just getting something off your chest will help you calm down and keep things in perspective. A five-minute phone call can help strengthen your bond, too.

3. Sweet Scents
Destress yourself!  Aromatherapy

Certain scents can help calm, energize and revitalize us, and that's what aromatherapy is all about. Lavender can be soothing and peppermint can increase your focus. Keep some of your favorite scented products around, whether candles, air fresheners, herbs, flowers, or essential oils. Take a few whiffs when you're stressed and notice the instant calm you feel.

4. Visualize
Destress yourself!  Clouds_sunset

Even if you can't escape from your stressful life, you can escape through the magic of your mind. Right now, close your eyes and imagine the world's most perfect, serene place. It can be waves crashing on the beach, rolling hills, or even a familiar childhood room. Note how safe, secure and relaxed you feel by picturing this place. Whenever you need a short escape, you can always return there in your mind.

5. Meditate
Destress yourself!  Meditate

You don't have to be a Zen master to meditate successfully. Think about a place, a word, an idea—anything that pulls your focus and helps you turn off distracting thoughts. A little meditation can go a long way for your well-being, even when it's as simple as repeating a calming word or phrase to yourself.

6.DIY Massage
Destress yourself!  Massage_self

Tension and pain in your neck, shoulders, upper back or forehead can be symptoms of your stressful lifestyle. But you can do something about it. First, tense that area of the body as much as you can, and then instantly relax it as much as possible. Use your hands to give yourself a quick massage during a stressful day, and notice how your body (and mind) responds favorably.

7. Stretch
Destress yourself!  Stretch_seniors

Ever notice how dogs, cats and other animals stretch throughout the day? They do it for the same reasons we do—it just feels good! Starting or finishing your day with some light stretches can help you de-stress and relax when you need it most. At work, you can try some neck, arm and chest stretches, too.

8. Tune In
Destress yourself!  Relaxation%20music

Anyone who listens to get-up-and-go music to get pumped up for a workout knows how much music can affect your mindset. Just as it can energize you or evoke powerful emotions, it can also help relax you. Choose the music you find most relaxing, whether classical, jazz, instrumental or something else. Keep it on your computer, in the car, and on your iPod in case of stressful emergencies. Tune in to relaxing music and tune out the world around you.

9. Close Your Eyes
Destress yourself!  Close_eyes_eg

Sometimes the simple act of closing your eyes and breathing deeply can do wonders during a stressful day. You can do this several times throughout the day to help your body and mind relax. Try to combine this tip with some others (meditation, stretching, self-massage, or visualization) for an even greater benefit.

See, you don't need to go out of your way to control the stress in your life. Spare five minutes here and there, and you'll be a calmer, more focused person in no time!

10. Take a Walk
Destress yourself!  Walk_in_woods

Exercise, even when done leisurely, is a great way to relieve stress and boost endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in your brain. When you feel overwhelmed, go outside and walk for a few minutes. You'll be amazed at how much better you'll feel.


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 7th October 2014, 8:53 am

7 Stress Tips I Wish I'd Known before I Entered the Real World

Stress is not a subject taught in school, it's just something we all experience as part of life. While good stress keeps you focused, helps you generate ideas, and gives you a boost of energy, bad stress can affect your emotional and physical health. It wasn't until I burned out, cleared away the fog that was my former career, and analyzed where I went wrong that I discovered some very valuable information. Specifically, these are the nuggets of advice about stress I wish I had received before entering the real world:

1. Think like an athlete. Jim Loehr, co-author of the Harvard Business Review article entitled, "The Making of a Corporate Athlete," describes an ideal performance state as prolonged and sustained high performance over time. To achieve this, you must become adept at moving between energy expenditure (stress) and energy renewal (recovery).

2. Rejuvenate - often. Easier said than done, but in order to get the energy renewal required to live and work in an ideal performance state, you must refill your tank. Research shows that little mini renewals are needed about every two hours. Walking down the hall to grab a beverage, stretching, listening to music for a few minutes, or shifting your attention will give you the energy you need to finish important tasks in a productive manner. In addition to daily mini renewals, you need rejuvenate outside of work. Make a list of the different ways you like to rejuvenate and do something from that list each week.

3. Know Your Stress Type. Dirk Hellhammer, noted stress researcher, and Doctors Stephanie McClellan and Beth Hamilton have identified four stress types that specifically impact women. They are as follows:
a. Flat and frazzled. You are generally calm, but when stress hits, you have a big response. You are extremely sensitive to stress.
b. Life observer. This is the most rare stress type marked by an extreme state where you feel like you're living in a bubble watching life pass you by.
c. Constant overdrive. Your engine is always revved. You have a hard time sitting still, often tap your feet or hands, and frequently clench or grind your teeth.
d. Sprint and crash. Stress keeps you focused and running so you can close deals, prepare for a big meeting, and manage all of your clients, but once the stress is reduced or eliminated, you crash.

4. Be a satisficer, not a maximizer. We live in a culture that rewards perfection, which is a state that is not sustainable. The pressure is on to make the perfect decision, give the perfect sales pitch, or pick the perfect product (called maximizing). According to Dr. Barry Schwartz, this feeling stems from the fact that we have too many choices in today's modern world (when was the last time you felt overwhelmed buying a new pair of jeans, a car, or even food because of the sheer number of choices that existed?) According to Dr. Schwartz, too much choice not only makes our decisions harder but also makes it more likely that we'll end up regretting our selection. As a result, eliminate choices by setting standards - what is your "good enough" (called satisficing)? Your family, friends, and clients don't want you to be perfect, they want you to do a good job and be you.

5. Take Risks. At first glance, this piece of advice might seem like a big stress promoter, but not if you're taking the right kind of risk. The happiest people work on challenging tasks regularly, and if you're working on hard enough goals, you're going to have to put yourself out there. While this means you will be out of your comfort zone, you will also have the amazing ability to learn and grow from your mistakes and gain confidence and momentum when you do well.

6. Establish goals that promote flow. Flow is another way of describing those moments when you're "in the zone." You are at your most productive when you're in this state and time flies by. Flow happens when you find the right level of task challenge for your skill level and you're pursuing something that is intrinsically motivating. If you miss that sweet spot, you will either be bored (the task challenge is too easy) or anxious (the task challenge is too hard).

7. Pay attention to positive emotion. Given how hard the professional world is today, it's easy to be tuned into pessimism and negative emotion. Barbara Fredrickson's groundbreaking research on positive emotion shows that those who most frequently cultivate it broaden and build their personal resources. Specifically, they have an increased capacity to find solutions to tough problems, improved health, and stronger relationships. Her research shows that in order to see the benefits that positive emotion can bring, you should be at or near a positivity ratio of 3:1 (positive to negative emotions). To find out where you're at visit

The world needs more of you - strong, talented go-getters who are able to navigate the pressure that comes with being a high-achieving professional. These tools will help you not only succeed, but also thrive, allowing you to both live and work at a sustainable pace.


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 13th October 2014, 7:35 am

15 Natural Mood Lifters
Destress yourself!  15_natural_mood_lifters

1. Eat often and eat light. When you eat at regular intervals throughout the day you will prevent dips in your blood sugar that can negatively affect your mood. Plan your meals and snacks to prevent yourself from getting overly hungry, aiming for three to six eating episodes (total meals plus snacks) each day.

2. Limit refined carbohydrates such as soda, candy, cookies, and white flour, which are concentrated sources of sugar. These foods may give you an immediate rush of energy, but they will cause you to crash and fatigue soon after.

3. Include a small amount of lean protein at every meal and snack. Protein will leave you feeling alert and productive for hours.

4. Eat foods rich in omega-3 fats. These foods have been shown to lift moods and can possibly alleviate depression. Omega-3 fats are found in oily fish like salmon or sardines, canola and olive oils, as well as flaxseeds and walnuts.

5. Ramp up your B-12 and folate (folic acid). Scientists believe these nutrients help the body produce a neurotransmitter called serotonin—a known mood stabilizer. Shellfish, fortified cereal, oatmeal, wheat germ, and vegetables are some of the many foods rich in these nutrients.

6. Get your daily dose of exercise. Whether it’s a formal session at the gym, a walk with the dog, engaging in a sport or just playing with your kids, getting up and moving will boost your mood and energy level.

7. Stick to a regular sleep schedule—even on the weekends. Although most adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, you might need slightly more or less to function optimally. The important thing is that you consistently get the sleep you need.

8. Go outside and breathe in the fresh air. Take a break from your home or office to get some air and sunshine. Even stepping out into cold weather will wake you up and refresh your mind.

9. Listen to music you love. When your mood is spiraling downhill and the little voice in your head is anything but positive, turn on your favorite tunes and sing along. Soon, sweet music will fill your mind instead of negative thoughts.

10. Indulge your senses. Sights, smells, sounds, tastes and tactile sensations can quickly change your mood. Light a scented candle that evokes memories of the holidays, bake cookies to remind you of happy times at your grandmother’s, buy your favorite flowers and revel in the smell (and sight) of them, or soak in a scented bubble bath while listening to soothing music.

11. Do something that brings you joy. Whether it’s going to a movie, reading a novel or having lunch with your best friend, take a well-deserved break from work or stressful situations and do something you love. The change in mood will lead to better concentration and efficiency once you return to the task at hand.

12. Play or cuddle up with your furry friend. Just petting your dog or cat has been shown to lower blood pressure and evoke a sense of calmness, happiness and well-being. If you don’t own a pet, visit a pet store or volunteer at an animal shelter to get your furry fix.

13. Volunteer. There is nothing like the act of giving to those in need to make you feel appreciative of the life you lead. Walk dogs at an animal shelter, feed the homeless at a food shelter, teach English at a literacy program, or assist in programs for special needs children. Do your research and you will surely find a group that can use your talents and skills. If time is an issue for you, contribute through donations and you could evoke the same feelings of happiness.

14. Fake it till you make it. Researchers have found that the simple act of smiling seems to activate happiness centers in the brain. Keep smiling and in time, your mood will match your facial expression.

15. Create a list of natural mood enhancers that will work for you. Feeling angry? Write in your journal. Stressed? Try a yoga class. If you're exhausted, take a 20-minute nap. And if you’re feeling down, rent a funny movie. Remember, you have a choice and the ability to change your mood. With some trial and error, you will figure out the best strategies that work for you.


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 13th October 2014, 7:42 am

5-Minute Power Boosters for the Office

Destress yourself!  Powerboost

Get Physical

  • Go to the office staircase and step up and down the bottom step (like step aerobics).  
  • Massage your own head and shoulders. Find trigger points of tension in the shoulders, jaw, and base of the skull. Hold pressure for 6-10 seconds.
  • Take two steps back from your desk and lean forward until you’re in an angled pushup position against the edge of your desk. (This will also work against a wall.) Do a couple quick sets of incline push-ups.
  • Lift 1-3 packs of printer paper in each hand. Curl them like weights or lift them over your head.
  • Close your door and shadow box for a few minutes. Try to imagine a stressor while you’re punching.
  • Start a pick up game of trashcan basketball! Create trick shots, or play against a coworker. A little friendly competition can go a long way.
  • Jumping jacks are a simple, quick way to pump you up. Try to increase your intensity (speed) and duration (minutes) to keep it challenging.
  • Go for a short walk around the office or outside around the block.
  • Stand up and stretch your muscles. Don’t forget your neck and wrists.
  • Lastly, Joe’s favorite office exercise—using a stress ball. Squeezing a stress ball relieves stress while strengthening the forearms and wrists for typing

Go Mental

  • Do word puzzles. Crosswords, word finds—even a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Fill out a Mad Lib with your co-workers. A little laughter can improve your mood and decrease stress instantly.
  • Rearrange your office.
  • Switch hands with whatever you’re doing.
  • Draw something. Let your mind create.
  • Stand perfectly still for two minutes. Just Regroup.
  • Do some deep breathing exercises or quiet meditation.
  • Make an inkblot with a folded piece of paper and liquid ink. Have fun with what you see in the blot.

Staying energized and stress-free at work isn’t difficult. The key is finding reasons to stay out of your chair:

  • In the morning, take as long as possible before sitting down.
  • Forget the boardroom. Hold walking meetings.
  • Hand-deliver mail, memos and faxes.
  • Chat face-to-face instead of by email or phone.
  • Use a bathroom on the other side of the building or on another floor.
  • Have a lot of phone time? Buy a cordless phone and move around while talking.
  • Replace your chair with a stability ball. This helps you maintain good posture, and by balancing, you’re working your core muscles all day.


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by LuisaBradusca on 15th October 2014, 2:23 pm

Destress yourself!  Destress

Like a Star @ heaven


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 15th October 2014, 7:41 pm

so true and so easy to do it!


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 4th November 2014, 8:14 am

Destress yourself!  Daily-motivational-quote11314


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Destress yourself!  Empty Re: Destress yourself!

Post by Alina on 23rd March 2015, 8:46 am

How To Quiet Your Mind When You Feel Intense Anxiety

Destress yourself!  AnxiousLookingWomanStaringUpwardInChair-850x400

1. When things are super hard, know that you're on the verge of a breakthrough.

In other words, this too shall pass. So start with asking questions: when your anxiety passes (which it will!), what lessons, what new skills, what new insights will you have? I tell this to myself and ask myself these same sorts of questions. And when I won't listen, I write it down. I put on some empowering music ("I Will Survive!") and I push forward to get to the breakthrough faster. Trusting that it will come makes the process much less painful.

2. Make a voice recording of your positive self to listen to when your negative self is talking too loudly.

This gem of advice came from my wise friend Julie, to whom speaking comes more easily than writing sometimes. Imagine yourself 30 days, 30 months, or even 30 years from now, speaking to today's you. Speak words of encouragement into a recorder, with all the wisdom that hindsight brings, knowing that "every little thing's gonna be alright." Listen to your recording as often as needed.

3. Permit the acute anxiety to just be.

Sometimes your resistance to worrying is worse than the initial feeling of anxiety itself. So cut yourself some slack. Examine what you're really worrying about. Is your worry helping the situation? Maybe it is. We worry because we care about something or someone, and that is a good thing. So switch the focus of the worry to the positive emotion behind the worry (such as the desire to be healthy, happy and comfortable) without condemning yourself for harboring negative thoughts.

4. Imagine how you want it to be instead.

We can't always change our current situations immediately, but we can imagine a different scenario in our heads. And that process of imagination is actually really productive, and instrumental in making changes in our lives. Did you know that the principles of quantum physics tell us that our brains don't know the difference between something that we experience for real and something that we imagine vividly? Well, we can use this to our advantage by harnessing the power of our imaginations to soothe ourselves when worry has got us down.

5. Distract yourself.

Look, a squirrel! Sometimes distraction is a great tactic for dealing with worry. Watch a funny movie, go out with friends, have sex — whatever it takes to ease the pressure gauge and get out of your head. I love to distract myself by escaping into a juicy novel; or, come to think of it, a juicy papaya can do the trick nicely too!

6. Give gratitude a try.

Why not try making a list of everything you're grateful for? It can't hurt, right? When I'm stuck in a downward spiral of worry and negative thoughts, I bust out my well-worn gratitude notebook and start making a list. I quickly realize that I have way more to be grateful for than to worry about, and it helps to put my mind at ease.

Ultimately, I know I cannot control most of the things and people around me. I could let this drive me crazy, or accept what I can control - which is how I feel. And I'm making it my goal every day to tip the scale towards feeling good while turning the volume down on worry.


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